World Pipe Band Championship Discrepancy??

Hmmm...there seems to be some discrepancy over the third and fourth place spots at the World Pipe Band Championships yesterday. Just about every single source I checked puts the House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead band of Scotland in third place and the 78th Fraser Highlanders of Canada in fourth place. Pipes/Drums online, BBC online, and the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association itself all report the first three spots to be the same as last year.

But, I subscribe to google news alerts and one of the stories coming from the is reporting that House of Edgar Shotts and Dykehead placed fourth and the 78th Fraser Highlanders third. This is a big deal because it would mean that a Scottish based band didn't make it into the top three. Here's the link:

I suspect that this error is based off of what I said yesterday, that there was some discrepancy in some of the results when they were first posted online.

I'll keep an eye on this.
Pipe on.

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