Pipes in Strange Places

I've played my bagpipes in a church, my house, parades, eating establishments, bars, and that's about it. A friend of mine who goes out of town on business practices his bagpipes in graveyards, quiet and peaceful, but I think I'd freak myself out trying that.

Check out this video of a guy who carried his bagpipes up the Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. This is an 8.5 mile trek with a 4,800 foot elevation gain and he still managed to play some fine tunes:

This second video comes with a warning: speedo. You have to see it to believe it.

Pipe on!


Bird said...

That first guy is very impressive! So is the second one but in a different way :D

Piping Girl said...

LOL Thanks for visiting, glad you enjoyed the videos.

Extraordinary said...

Hahaha, those were GREAT!! The first guy was awesome, as was the second one, but at least in the first video I had other things to easily focus on, whereas in the second one, I had to keep looking at whatever he was standing on, so I wouldn't laugh at the speedo. I have to say, though, he didn't look BAD in it, it's just not my favorite to see on a guy. ;) I like a little more left to the imagination.

Great playing! I LOVE the bagpipes, and have always entertained the idea of learning, but sadly never have. I CAN play the bodhran, the pennywhistle DECENTLY, and the piano. I used to have a neighbor back in the US who was learning, but he seemed to only want to practice when he'd been drinking, then you could hear him through the whole neighborhood!! ;)

Keep up the good work; it's always so nice when you can practice a passion!! :)

Piping Girl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I wish the speedo piper would've left the video on long enough to see how he got on and off those floaty things without wrecking his pipes.

It's never to late to take up the bagpipes, if you already know how to read music you're on your way. Lots of times bands will teach you for free with the promise that you'll join their band when you're done. I think I need to blog on this:) At any rate, thanks for the visit.

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