Wanted: People Who've Been to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo continues in full force. Some videos from this year's performances have been loaded on to youtube so I thought I'd post a few here. I am green with envy just watching these!

This first video is short but check out Edinburgh Castle off to the right:

The second video is a bit longer but listen to those pipes!

I've never really given much thought to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo before, but writing this blog really makes me pay attention to what is going on in the grand wide world of bagpiping.

I wish I could find a blog by someone who has been to this. If anyone out there in cyberland has been to this, drop me a line, I'd love to hear about their experiences. One thing I was wondering about (and their web site doesn't help me here) is how the program works each day of the tattoo. It looks like it lasts the whole month of August, so do the same bands perform every day? I also wonder how they choose the bands that perform as it seems to be quite an assortment of pipe bands.
At any rate, enjoy the videos and pipe on!!


captain lifecruiser said...

Hi, I saw in my MyBlogLog widget that you had been on my blog and gone out from there again, so I got curious and came here :-)

I love, no, adore Scotland, so your name of course drag me over here!

I've been to Scotland twice and we went to the Tattoo one evening in 2004. For a Swede like me it's even more amazing to see and listen too since weren't even used to hear pipes!!!

What a skill they had, so wonderful to hear all those pipes - and see their perfect marching. Perfect formations. Great lighting at the castle too.

I'm sorry that I can't help you with your questions. I can only say that it's an amazing, brilliant show they had back then!!!! I really loved it.

I'll do a couple of posts about our Scotland trip's now in the autumn, so if you're interested - keep an eye on me.... *giggles*

Piping Girl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Sounds like you had a great time at the Tattoo, hopefully I'll make it there someday. I'll be sure to check out your blog in the fall.

Blackbird said...

I went to Scotland in 2004 with members of the Elgin Band from Canada and several friends that taught me to pipe. Doc got the tickets for the Tattoo for the night before the Massed Bands March from Arthur's Seat to the field at Holyrood Palace.

The performances at the Tattoo were magic, but the lone piper at the end was amazing. I've since found out that the youngest member of our band's great uncle was that lone piper for many years.

When I marched with the Massed Bands I could only play about 6 or 7 songs and wasn't very strong, but I did it anyway and it was the experience of a lifetime. Hopefully I will return and play in Scotland again as a much stronger piper. It's been a long tough road to where I am - I work full time, finished a degree, had a family and I'm 52 years young. But the friends who taught me five years ago started when they were 65and 69 and they are still the strongest players in the band.

Thanks for the blog - I'll pass it on to the only other female in our band.

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