Bagpipes Go to the Movies

One of the permanent links on my blog takes you to the Bagpipes Go to the Movies website but I've never really blogged about it. To someone like me it's really a phenomenal site, and even if you're not a bagpipe fanatic like me it really is a novel site and worth checking out.

They have a nice user friendly alphabetical listing of the movies and also detail where in the movie the bagpipes are featured. They don't just limit themselves to movies, there are a few commercials and tv shows mentioned as well.

It's pretty amazing how many movies have bagpipes playing both on and off screen, and they really do cross all movie genres.

Some of my favorite movies that are included in their database are:

Backdraft-funeral scene with pipers

Bedknobs and Broomsticks-I need to watch this movie again, I don't remember this scene very well, but apparently phantom pipers fight off a German invasion.

Braveheart-awesome soundtrack!

Dead Poet's Society-A piper is featured at the start of the movie and in a couple of other spots in the movie. One scene features a man playing the practice chanter which is what all bagpipers start out on and looks like a recorder but with a reed. According to the website this is the only commercial movie that features the practice chanter.

Far and Away-another awesome soundtrack!

Ferris Bueller's Day Off-Pipers are featured in the parade scene.

The Fugitive-Another parade scene.

Gallipoli-An awesome early Mel Gibson movie, about the WWI battle of the same name.

Her Majesty Mrs. Brown-A really unique movie about the relationship between Queen Victoria (played by Judi Dench) and her servant John Brown (played by awesome Scottish actor/comedian Billy Connolly).
Highlander-I liked the first one the best and the tv series.

Iron Will-I'll have to re-watch this one, I guess there's a pipe band at the start of the dog sled race.

Lawrence of Arabia-short scene with pipers.

Out of Africa-Apparently a piper plays the wedding march on the pipes, I'll have to check this one out again too.

A River Runs Through It-I dearly love this movie, there's a piper in the picnic scene.

Rob Roy-A definite R rated movie but awesome fight scenes.

Titanic-Another good soundtrack.

Willow-And yet another good soundtrack, and an awesome movie starring Val Kilmer.

There are many other movies mentioned, check them out for yourself. Some weekend I'll have a bagpipe movie marathon, coming to a blog near you!

Have fun and pipe on!


Vienne said...

Unique blog! And what a fun website you've linked to in this post. I checked it out and enjoyed it very much. I would have never discovered such a site had I not stopped by here. I've always loved the sound of pipes and can only imagine what it feels like to play them.

Piping Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie site.

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