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I found this neat blog called Girl Alive. It's about this American woman living in Scotland. Really well written and fun to read blog and lots of postings. One of the things she's doing is reviewing traditional Scottish food, which reminded me of some of the food I ate when I was living in Scotland. I really need to find my journals that I kept because I know I kept a detailed list of the all of the interesting food I ate when I was there. But here's a short list of a few things I remember:

Irn-Bru: I raved on and on about this in a previous post so I'll restrain myself here.

Haggis: I was there for Robert Burns' birthday (January 25) and got to attend a Burns dinner. It was pretty much a requirement to eat this and I cleaned my plate. I think they put enough spices into it to hide what it really was (the leftover intestines of a sheep) and it really was unexpectedly spicy. I don't think I'd eat it every day but it was fun to try. Interesting side note, I saw a Haggis Pizza on a menu somewhere in Scotland.

Cock-a-Leekie Soup-I had this at the Burns supper, basically a lentil soup.

Meat Pies-I ate these every day for lunch. I've also managed to find them at Scottish festivals here in the US. They're kind of like a pot pie but much, much better and with no vegetables. The crust is awesome and they're filled with sausages.

Jelly Babies-My favorite candy I found over there. If found these at one Scottish festival in the US but that was several years ago. A sugary gummy candy that still makes my mouth water thinking about it.

Great, I've made myself hungry.

Pipe on!


Laane said...


I really like haggis.
If you know what they put in sausages.. haggis shouldn't be a psychological problem. LOL!

Piping Girl said...

Thanks for posting Laane, I think the key is not to think about what's in it :)

Melissa said...

Did you ever tried deep-fried pizza? Or deep-fried Mars Bars? They are amazing! I posted about it at

Piping Girl said...

I've never had deep-fried pizza or Mars Bars but I have had a deep fried Snickers bar. It was a definite chocolate overload!

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