What's Under Your Kilt?

People holler this out to my band at parades and at one St. Patrick's Day venue a lady even lifted up the kilt of one of the guys in our band. People are obsessed! No one ever asks me of course, because I'm a girl, so I'm just wearing a very pleated skirt.

Here's some interesting information I found on kilts:

The first time kilts were documented in history is after 1575.

The kilt was mostly worn by those living in the Highlands of Scotland, apparently the lowlanders looked down on it because it was worn by the Highland barbarians.

In its original form it was very large, belted around the waist and fastened at the left shoulder, rather then just around the waist like today's kilts.

A lot of people think that the kilt doesn't really fit Scotland's cold and rainy climate, but there were a lot of advantages to the kilt. It offered freedom of movement, it could double as a blanket, and, because it was made of wool, it was water proof.

After Bonnie Prince Charlie's defeat at the Battle of Culloden in 1746 both wearing the kilt and playing the bagpipes were outlawed.

The kilt that's around today is known as the "little kilt" because it just goes around the waist. It dates to the 1720's and was adopted by the British military which is a huge reason that they're still around today. A bit of interesting irony there I'd say!

So what is under the kilt? Ask if you dare, but be prepared for a possibly objectionable comeback, pipers have had ages to develop comebacks and there are some pretty raunchy ones out there!

Pipe on!


Melissa said...

You know, I'm Scottish and I didn't know any of that. I should pay more attention to my heritage than I do. I'm proud of being Glasweigan but I know nothing about ol' Scotland!

Piping Girl said...

Thanks for the comment and for taking a look at an American's blog inspired by your home country :)

Christopher said...

My eloquent answer when people ask me that question: "I am taking appropriate defensive measures to protect my modesty."

My short answer: "My legs."

Piping Girl said...

Thanks for checking out my blog Christopher. Sounds like you've got good responses :)

Anonymous said...

The important is to keep the mystic say the Scots. So never say you are wearing something even if it's true.
"My hoses and my ghillie brogues" is one of the most common answer.
In France we sometimes answer:
"If my kilt was made in bronze, the Angelus would ring"
A last possible answer may be offer but just to women:
"You can check by yourself" but you must be sure the woman is lady enough for not doing it!

In a friendly way
St├ęphane - Piper from France.

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