Minnesota Bridge Collapse-Bagpipes and Tragedy

I've been watching the news coverage on the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Although they don't know the exact cause yet, and it doesn't sound like it's terrorism, the images of the smoking ruins still remind me of the images that came out on 9/11.

Did you know that 70 members of NYC Fire Department's bagpipe band played at 450 services in the year following 9/11? Wow. Sometimes they would play at a memorial service, and then later, remains would be recovered and they would play again at that same person's funeral service.

Kerry Sheridan followed the band in that year and wrote a book called Bagpipe Brothers that I will have to check out.

A guy in my band recently said that the song that the pipers often played was The Green Hills of Tyrol (aka. The Scottish Soldier) which is one of the first tunes I memorized on the bagpipes. It certainly gives that tune new meaning.

My thoughts and prayers to the families and people affected by the bridge collapse.
Pipe on.

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