I can go to Scotland in my living room!

I am always after good web sites that remind me of the time I spent in Scotland. I just ran across the BBC Pipeline which features a program hosted by Gary West. I just listened to the most recent program and if ever I wanted to vicariously tour around talking with Scottish pipers, this is it! Gary goes around Scotland talking to major players in the piping world and interspersed throughout are lovely piping tunes. He mentioned several towns and areas in Scotland that I've actually been to. And of course it was very pleasant listening to a bit of authentic Scottish brogue. If you've never been to Scotland, this is a very nice way to kick back in your easy chair and pretend you're there for a bit.

If you'd like to add a bit of the visual to your imaginary trip to Scotland check out the Monarch of the Glen series, but use it cautiously as spoilers abound, especially since it just finished its seventh season...see, I just clicked on a link trying to find the spelling of one of the characters and a picture revealed a spoiler for season 7, grrrr. But these are the sacrifices I make for my blog. You can get seasons 1-6 through Netflix but WARNING this show is very addictive...resist the urge to call in sick to work, binge on Mountain Dew, driving yourself into a sleep deprived state of euphoria filled with visions of the dashing young Laird Archie, the stunning scenery of Glenbogle, the wise advice of Golly and the sudden indescribable urge to sell all your possessions and run about the Highlands of Scotland. Did I say how awesome this show is??

Pipe on!

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