Irn-Bru I Love You!!

I don't drink coffee, can't stand the stuff actually. I drink a lot of tea and a lot of Diet Mountain Dew, those are my drinks of choice. When I was living in Scotland I couldn't find Mountain Dew, diet or otherwise. A lot of people there had never even tasted the drink which surprised me as it's so popular here in the United States. Yet another good reason to get out and travel a bit in the world, it knocks your assumptions right out of you.

So I had to find an alternative, and I quickly settled on a funny looking orange drink with an indescribable taste called Irn-Bru. Manufactured in Glasgow, it was everywhere and I was hooked.

It's an incredibly popular drink in Scotland and the company is also known for their quirky advertising campaigns:

It's a very difficult drink to come by here in the United States. In fact, the only place I've found Irn-Bru in the US is at Scottish fairs. So I went to a Scottish fair last weekend looking forward to getting my Irn-Bru fix, and, much to my dismay, they ran out of it!

Frantic over my missed opportunity, I finally broke down and ordered some from Irn-Bru USA. I've been meaning to try this company out anyway, so it was a good excuse. Within the week I found my two cases of Irn-Bru sitting on my doorstep. As carefully as I could, I hauled the 30 pound package into my house.

I know it might see crazy to some people, but it was like opening a birthday present filled with something that brought me back, if only for a moment (or a few moments depending on how long I make it last!) to when I lived in Scotland, a time in my life that I have enjoyed like just about no other.

So now comes the tricky task of rationing it out.

But at least I know where I can get more. It's expensive and it might seem foolish to some, but even if I only order it once a year, that connection with a country and an experience so important to my life is totally worth it.

Pipe on!


1st Lady said...

Fantastic! Off to order some right now!! Enjoy!

Piping Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, enjoy your Irn-Bru.

bytscotland said...

its cheaper in america than it is at the home of the bru (scotland) i think thats a disgrace personally

Duncan McLaren said...

By the way, I drink 3 - 3.75 litres of Irn Bru Every day of my life. (4 or 5 bottles) I live in Scotland and addicted to Irn Bru and also know about But here's a little fact, In the USA there's a cpl of ingredients and E numbers missing, "Caffeine" & "Quinine" which under US Law is under the banned list of food and drink. Without Quinine it does not do what IRN-BRU is so famous for doing (Curing a Hang-Over in the morning)

Here is the List of ingredients from a Scottish Glass 750ml bottle of Irn Bru, which you can compare it against a bottle from

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Sugar (Carbohydrate), Citric Acid, Flavourings (Including Caffeine & Quinine), Preservative (E211), Colours (E110, E124), Ammonium Ferric Citrate (0.002%)

cool site tho,

Alba Gu Brath

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